Fundraising using EDDM® – Good or Bad Idea?

You don’t generally see Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) flat-rate being used for not-for-profit appeal mailings, and you might wonder why that is? Even if your organization lacks formal USPS not-for-profit authorization – perhaps because it doesn’t have a qualifying IRS 501(c)(3) incorporation designation – the commercial rates are still pretty attractive around 20 cents…

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Unusual Uses of EDDM® – Crowdfunding using EDDM®

This write-up speaks directly to the basic steps of crowdfunding, and, how to use direct mail to achieve the fundraising goal. Our company has done crowdfunding before with direct mail and feels qualified to provide specific, practical guidance from direct experience. Introduction Raising capital through online crowdfunding, while relatively new as an industry, has quickly…

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Retrieving Lost or Stolen Property with EDDM

Stolen mountain bike on trail

Introduction Have you ever had something stolen off your porch?  A bike, chainsaw, a kayak, a lawnmower, etc.?  Damn, right?  What to do?  How about having your cat away and not come back?  Sad right?  What to do? Most people would, as a first step, file a police report and provide all the relevant details: …

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Sell More Pizza using Every Door Direct Mail: Here’s How

Pizza employee using paddle to move pizza around in brick over.

It’s a challenge to compete in the pizza world and sell more pizza: Get new customers to come to the shop. Get current customers to come more often. Get all customers to spend a bit more when they come, or when they order. Those three statements are the marketing goals of most pizza shop owners…

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5 Questions to ask yourself Before Choosing EDDM

Featured image for the 5 questions to ask yourself before choosing EDDM blog post

Are you having trouble deciding if choosing Every Door Direct Mail is right for your business? Answer our 5 simple questions and look at our flow chart to know whether to chose EDDM or another marketing strategy. First, What is EDDM? Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an affordable targeted advertising service offered by the…

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Build your Landscaping Business the Easy Way with EDDM

Lawn and Landscaping background blog image

Building a landscaping business is always a challenge, especially when you are spending most of your time delivering the service. But it is possible to build your landscaping business the easy way. There are a few things you can do that will help a lawn and landscaping service business grow organically (sorry for the pun,…

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