Build your Landscaping Business the Easy Way with EDDM

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Building a landscaping business is always a challenge, especially when you are spending most of your time delivering the service.

But it is possible to build your landscaping business the easy way.

There are a few things you can do that will help a lawn and landscaping service business grow organically (sorry for the pun, but really, the business will begin to build itself).

Here are four steps that have a great track record in building a successful lawn and landscaping business like yours:

Step 1. Start with a memorable name and logo.
They don’t have to be fancy or expensive. They do have to be something people can relate to, and remember. The first thing to do is pick a name for your business that connotes the quality you want people to associate with you. Then, select an attractive logo that will be consistent across your business. For instance, you will want to put the logo on your truck, on your card, and your mailings. You could also have it on your shirts.

Step 2. Get the word out the easy way.
Here’s the secret formula, and it’s so easy. It’s called EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail, and it’s the way to develop a strong customer base in whatever neighborhood you choose. Here’s where we can help. We’ll help you choose the neighborhood, design the card, and then we’ll take care of the mailing. Every house in the neighborhood will get your postcard with your name, your promise, and your contact information. Some of them will call you right away, but that’s only the beginning.

Step 3. Keep your truck clean and visible.
It’s surprising, and many business owners don’t know how important it is. You want people in your target neighborhood to see your logo and name on a clean truck as you drive to jobs. When people will see your truck, your sign, and your results as they drive through their neighborhood, they learn to associate you with the results they see. The more often they see the truck, the logo, and the phone number, the more they will remember it when they are ready to make a call.

Step 4. Follow up after a few months with a second mailing.
That puts your name right in front of people again. It links with the things their neighbors may have said about their new service. It links with the truck that has been seen in front of the great-looking yards. And it will generate a new round of calls. And before long, you are the dominant service in the area.

Landscaping business truck with logo and contact info

It’s as easy as the shampoo instructions: “Lather, rinse repeat.” Contact the customers, deliver great service, rinse your truck, repeat as often as you want to build the business.

There’s another step. When you’re ready to expand your business even more, call us and we’ll help you target other neighborhoods nearby, and do the same thing again.

We know it will keep on working. We’ve had a front-row seat to watch business owners do this again and again. Why not you?

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