Frequently Asked Questions

8” x 8” square

9” x 9” square

3 ½” x 11” (with business card tear-off)

3 ½” x 11” (no tear-off)

3 ½” x 11” (black only on color cardstock)

4 ¼” x 11”

6” x 11”

6 ½” x 9”

8 ½” x 11”

Yes! And, we can even help you (at no additional cost) get your organization to be USPS™ not-for-profit approved.

You can send us your own design, and if so, it is highly recommended to send us your original Adobe InDesign packaged files with fonts/images/folders.

If you do not have an original InDesign file, then we may still accept your design, although sometimes it is better and more affordable just to redo the design work.

We can work within limited budgets, and we often steer people towards more affordable single color black on color cardstock options in order to keep costs down.

Another option is to print EDDM™-qualifying cards in larger quantities upfront and then spread out the mailings over a matter of months. We do not mind warehousing materials in the context of a 6, 9 or 12-month mailing schedule.

We do not offer any credit terms at this time.

We typically have an advance conversation with the post offices which will be receiving your mailings, not leaving your mailing’s arrival to chance.

That said, the USPS is not under any requirement to report back to us specific evidence bulk mail (i.e. Marketing Mail©™) acceptance

We do have protocols for concerns such as this, and we can evidence the work that we did. However, it must be understood by you that we are mutually agreeing to use the US Postal Service’s™ delivery logistics; as such, we are subject to the quality and consistency of USPS™ quality of service.

Yes, but we do add a 2.9% service charge. This is in part due to the “hit” we would take on projected postage.

Yes, but rush charges would apply.

Yes, please check out our Direct Mail Marketing website.

Adult Learning, Appliance, Audiological, School Budget Approval, School Budget Defeat, Chamber of Commerce, Church/Faith, Civic Awareness, College Kids, Contracting, Construction, Dental, Dog Enumeration/Registration, Education/School, Emergency Care, Energy, Fire/EMT Volunteers, Financial, Foot Care, Holiday Sales, Kick-Start Funding, Landscaping, Legal, Liquidation Sale, Medical, Municipal, Non-Profit Fundraising, Oil / Natural Gas, Outdoor Recreation, Painting, Pediatrics, Pet-Grooming, Pizza, Political, Pop-Up Shop, Primary Health Care, Propane, Public Relations, Recreation Center, Retail, Restaurant, Septic, Summer Camp, Supermarkets, Take-Out Restaurant, Taxi, Tobacco/Cigarettes, Town Service, Veterinarian, Waste & Recycling

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