It’s a challenge to compete in the pizza world and sell more pizza:

Get new customers to come to the shop.

Get current customers to come more often.

Get all customers to spend a bit more when they come, or when they order.

Those three statements are the marketing goals of most pizza shop owners we surveyed.  When you own a pizza shop, you work hard to make a great product for your customers. You know you have lots of competition, and you want to stand out. How do you do that?

pizza oven

Is there a secret?  Why yes, yes there is. Here it is.

How to go about building the business given that you probably have limited time and a limited budget? The answer is this: repeated communication with the customers. In other words, keep in touch. And the best way to do that with that limited time and limited budget is postcards.  Here’s how.

Target your mailing perfectly. 

You can send postcards to all the people in the neighborhoods where the chances are that most of your customers live. You can choose the exact neighborhoods you want, and avoid the ones you don’t.  That helps you target your mailing so you don’t waste a penny. We at DoneRightMail help our clients select the neighborhoods where they will get the very best response to their mailing.

Get the design done right.

You can get a postcard professionally designed by a company like DoneRightMail so it will tell the customers who you are, where you are, and how to reach you.  That’s the easy part.  Most mailers can do that much. What a well-designed postcard can also do is tell the story of your shop, your pizza and all your other products, and your staff, in a way that helps to build a customer relationship that can last.

Choose the size that works.

You don’t accomplish all this with just any old postcard. That’s why DoneRightMail has a number of specialized sizes that will stand out when the postal customer picks up their mail, will have pictures that make mouths water, and make you and your shop memorable.  You can even get a postcard size with a business card people can cut and keep.

Don’t stop there.

With your first mailing, you will introduce yourself and ask people to try you out.  Then later, you can remind them again (it can take a few reminders to get some people to take action). But with your next card you can also tell folks about your weekly specials, or a special event coming up, or a new menu item.

Sell more pizza by updating menu items

Build on that relationship.

As you develop the relationship with your customers, you can offer them special promotions, gifts for sending a friend or buying more often. These repeat customers are the foundation of a business, as you well know.  And you want to treat them like they are important.

Create insiders.

Everyone likes to feel special.  You can send a card giving your customers a special opportunity to try a new product before it is introduced to the world. Let them be insiders. Your repeat customers are the core of the business, so thank them in special ways. We’ll help you find ways to keep them coming back and buying more.  

Take the first step.

Want to sell more pizza? Call us to help you design a program.  With the Post Office’s EDDM product, we can help you target your mailing to the right neighborhoods, design the postcard for maximum impact, and even help you with business-building posts for your Facebook page. Staying in touch was never this easy for the business owner.

You can build your business and sell more pizza on a limited budget and with very little extra time using DoneRightMail from Cornerstone Services. It’s easier than you think, and it pays off.